Thursday, March 30, 2017

My azone boy doll is here!!!!!!

As you can see in the title, my azone boy doll is here! And it took forever!!! But I guess that happens when you order a doll that has been out of stock for pre-order and stuff like that. I found him on eBay though :)

The doll I bought is none other than Romano from the Hetalia asterisk 1/6 scale series (or something like that :)
My stupid camera will not work for this desktop so tomorrow I'll ask my mom if I can use her phone to snap a few bad quality pics :D
But yeah...Also a the swimming floatie thing came in for Noelle and I bought this re-ment American breakfast cereal set which is super cute so I'll have to see if mom will let me use her phone for a bit tomorrow :)
So I'm super excited!!!! (Also Yui's shoes, Jeans, and Hoodie came in!)

Also. I recently bought a few more goodies (Because azone, miniatures, and re-ment sets are trying to take me over :)
-I Bought the Azone EX cute- sweet punk girls Koron doll......She is the cutest little thing, with all her punk glory!
-A doll sized umbrella (because what will the dolls do if it rains?)
-A dolly suitcase for traveling
-Doll table and Chairs
-Doll sofa and coffee table (Slowly but surely building up the dolly house :)
-Those Blythe clothes I told you about
-I'm currently working on a punk boy azone musician custom doll (Mostly inspired by BVB and such) I bought the head (with black hair), the doll body, eye decals (If those don't work..Then I'll have to draw or paint them on) After I finish the doll itself, I'll buy him some cute punkish goth clothing, He will be good friends with Anthony. :D
-Recently on blogs and stuff I'd see that they had this ADORABLE doll sized PlayStation console with a controller, game and memory card. Now I'm not super old you know? I'm like..mid-teen (if that's even a thing) but I'm old enough to have played or at least watched my older brothers play PlayStation as a kid, so I had to get this doll sized one...But I never could find it, So last week I was looking at some adorable azone diorama pics from the Internet, and saw it again and decided to try searching through the links and stuff, I finally found videos and pics of it online. And FINALLY found a pair on eBay...I snagged it as soon as I could, that was probably the most impulsive buy that I've had...but I don't regret it....:D But yeah...Sorry for the rant :)

I think that's all that's happening in the doll world :D Thanks for taking the time to read this! Have a good day..or night..depending on the time zone where you live :)
PS. Also sorry if there is misspelling in this post (which there probably is) I was typing really fast and I'm too lazy....

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