Saturday, April 8, 2017

Finally! Some dolly pictures!!!!

YAY!!! FINALLY!!!!! Time to get some dolly pictures posted!!!!
This is the little family picture.
Romano (far left) Now renamed Anthony (or tony), The lower middle: Sawako Yamanako (Now renamed Bethany), Upper middle: EXcute sweet punk girls koron (BTW-I haven't picked a name for her yet, so if you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments) to the right: picco neemo erunoe lil' Santa (renamed Noelle), And to the far right is K-on Yui hirasawa (She is still Yui :)
(BTW-I did take these photos with my mom's phone so some may be blurry :)
I took these photos in an old unfinished dollhouse my dad made for me and my sisters when we were really little :) It's a good house for them that I might try to finish this dollhouse :)
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Lets get on with the pictures!!!
First let's start with Tony!
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(He came with a belt but I took it off :)
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He so cute but angry looking :)
Now since I bought him to be Yui's brother and not to be his actual character (I don't even watch hetalia so....) I decided to change his clothes (I hope that made sense:)
A few months ago I made Yui and Tony (before he came in the mail) A One Piece hoodie from the character Trafalgar Law (He is one of my most favorite characters :) I actually have one my size too :) I love it so much...anyways, Now Tony can wear some different clothes..Here is a picture of Law from the internet (I do not own it)
Image result for trafalgar law
Compared to the one I made (I only had light yellow fabric but it works) I might make another one though..
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Here he is wearing the hoodie and some azone jeans I bought on Ebay.
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He fits the tech deck skateboards so well!
So cute....Now I want Azone to make some One Piece dolls.....They would be so cute!!!!
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Yui's hoodie, Tony's jeans, their adorable umbrella, some much needed doll oil mist, and the swim floatie for Noelle.
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A rolling suitcase (that opens and the handle goes up too!)
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(blurry pic alert!) Living room coffee table is a good table sub till the dining room table and chairs come in the mail :)
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This cute little kitchen counter!!! With my slowly growing collection of re-ment minis!
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Uh oh...Bethany needs to get her children some food!
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Le Microwave (which opens and the knobs move:)
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The current kitchen ensemble!
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Lil' Noelle modeling the size for the kitchen:)
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Noelle finishing her breakfast :)
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Sorry for the mess by the car, These pics were taken by my bedroom where we store our older toys what we don't play with as often.
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Sadly I didn't get any pics of the dolls inside the car, but yes, they do fit pretty well, larger dolls can't fit in the back though.
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It looks so real inside!
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Here is little Noelle. I changed her clothes because it's getting warmer, all I could find that would fit her till her clothes come in was a little Calico critters dress over her bloomers that she came with. she looks kinda cute with them though
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Here is Bethany. I'm going to buy her a new body. Why? So she can have more articulation, and because the shows on this one are glued on (I think) So yeah
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Now on to Koron! (ugh! another blurry pic :(
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She is too too cute in  her adorable punk outfit :)

Now, I bought these Blythe clothes to test them and see if I would be able to buy Blythe clothes in general to save more money (AZONE CLOTHES ARE EXPENSIVE!)
So here is Yui testing them out, I bought a short sleeved pink hoodie with stars on them, and short overalls from this wonderful etsy seller: Be sure to check out her shop! It's awesome!
I obviously need to take better pictures :) Anywho, here she is modeling the hoodie and overalls with an azone furry wolf hat/scarf and azone sneakers. Yui is a size Pureneemo S. And though the overalls are a tad big, they look really cute on her!
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I love the pastel kawaii look on the hoodie :)
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She is so cute!!! <3
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Well that's all for now! I hope you liked it even if the pictures were horrible :) Thanks for reading!!!


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