Thursday, May 19, 2016


Oh my gosh! So...This last Tuesday (I think it was could've been Monday I can't remember :)
  I was in the kitchen with my older sister and someone knocks on the door and my older brother (who was also in the kitchen :) goes to answer it, all of a sudden my sister looks at me gaping and I'm like.."What?" In my mind I'm thinking; It can't be, I didn't think it would get here this soon! No no not raise my hopes. My sister goes to see who it is and seconds later she comes in holding a package but..a doll sized one. She hands it to me and I just like..squeal and we ran like crazy upstairs to our room. my younger sister comes in too and we all sit down on our floor just marveling at the box, so I opened her up and...Here she is! (These pics are from my sister's phone so they might be blurry and what not)

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the doll packaging was awesome!

Isn't she just soooo adorable! I LOVE HER! So much!!! She is so cute and is perfect for my first azone doll. I've been wanting one since I saw them on the internet a few years ago so...yeah, I think the $119 was worth it even though it was the biggest splurge for me :)
Anyways this includes; the doll, (duh) a white short sleeved school blouse, a navy blue blazer, a blue neck/bow tie thing :), a light grey pleated skirt, black socks, black tights, a cream white vest sweater (for her summer school uniform (I forgot what it's called..silly me :), brown loafer type shoes, a cute casual short sleeved shirt (this was blue, and not pink like it shows in the product pictures but I'm totally fine with that :) 5 pairs of different hands for the doll so that she can do different hand gestures, a sweet guitar, and a little bendable colored thing to make her hair berets out of :)
So yeah not bad and totally worth it. I have some teeny tiny itty bitty problems with some things but not big enough to where it bothers me all that much like; I wish she had better articulation, her arms only go up and down but not up to the side because if you do do that then her arms fall off, this scared me at first but all you have to do is put the arm right back on.  also her feet will come off if you move them out of their articulation zone but like with the arms you just pop them right back on.
She has like 8 articulation points; the head pivots, her knees, her hips, her torso, her elbows, her shoulders, her feet, and her thighs. So it's pretty sweet.
Also I LOVED her super detailed clothing, I mean it is so so awesome! It is sewn super well and it's sturdy too!
Also her guitar has REAL guitar strings! That's amazing.
Her hair and face paint is so adorable and cute and I think it was good for me to get my first azone doll with short hair because it's easier to take care of before I get one with longer hair.
I'm keeping her real name for now, I really love it but if another name pops up then I can just change it, but the name Yui Hirasawa is perfect :)
I've already found some doll things of my own that fit her scale, like a shopping cart, a straw hat, sneakers, and such. I've found cute things her scale online and miniature and doll clothing tutorials on Pinterest, so I'm pretty excited :)
Well bottom line is; I love her so much and she is so so adorable. I can't wait to add more azones to my new sprouting azone family! Welcome Yui Hirasawa!
(BTW if you want to follow me on Pinterest then my account name is; Adelaide, and my profile pic is a turtle swimming because I adore turtles :)
Thanks for reading!

-Addy and Dollyton City

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A random doll hair experiment I did :)

Hey! sorry that this is the second post today but I wanted to show you this little experiment. My youngest sister; let's just call her..P. So P got this barbie doll that you can color her with using colored plastic/cardboard pieces, I never quite got it.
Well P ran out of that stuff to color her doll's hair with so she started using thick finger-paint paint :) whenever the paint dried, the doll's hair became hard and crunchy :) So she let me borrow her to experiment a different paint; watercolor paint! And whew! It worked! Here is what it looked like when it was done. (Sorry that the pics are blurry, they were taken on my older sister's phone, since I don't have one yet :) I did a bit of a rainbow pattern, by painting sections and foiling it off to the side like they do at salons
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It worked out so well that when it had dried completely I combed it out and it felt perfect! So if you want you can watercolor paint your doll's hair temporarily if you don't want to dye it. Now here is one problem with using this method; it works so well that it can take quite a while to wash out :) I mean P's only took a couple hours by using hot water and soap. 
Well. What do you think of this little experiment? If there are any questions or anything you'd like to say in general then just comment!

-Addy and Dollyton City

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I finally bought my very 1st azone doll!

So as you can tell from the title, I finally bought an azone doll! I've been wanting one for a few years now since I first saw them on the internet!
 So I looked all over ebay and amazon looking for the right first azone doll, I knew the size scale should be about the size of a barbie, so I found a 1/6 scale doll!
Her name is Yui Hirasawa, and she is from the anime/manga; K-on!
She is a guitarist, and though I've never read the manga or watched the anime, I know it takes place I guess in their Japanese school.
Since she is my first doll, I thought it would be a good idea to get a girl with short hair, and not the best articulation, if her articulation isn't as good as I hope it is, then I'll just buy a better articulated azone pureneemo body and switch her head to that one. (people who have azones do that a lot :)

I'm keeping her name for now, it's pretty cute. I'm going to be making 1/6 scale miniatures, (I LOVE miniatures!) for her, making her home, I can look for doll sized things for her, I'm so excited for her to get here! Since she is being shipped from Japan it may take a bit longer for her to get here :)
she was $119.14 when I bought her on amazon, but I checked again today to see if the price had changed and it did, it went up to around $123 or more.

Here are some photos from amazon to show what she looks like
K-ON!! Yui Hirasawa Doll 1/6 Scale 

Isn't she darling? She is so cute! I'm so so excited! I can't wait till she gets here!

What are your thoughts on this (expensive! Yet I don't regret it :) purchase? Do you like azones? Do you own any?

-Addy and Dollyton City