Saturday, April 8, 2017

Finally! Some dolly pictures!!!!

YAY!!! FINALLY!!!!! Time to get some dolly pictures posted!!!!
This is the little family picture.
Romano (far left) Now renamed Anthony (or tony), The lower middle: Sawako Yamanako (Now renamed Bethany), Upper middle: EXcute sweet punk girls koron (BTW-I haven't picked a name for her yet, so if you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments) to the right: picco neemo erunoe lil' Santa (renamed Noelle), And to the far right is K-on Yui hirasawa (She is still Yui :)
(BTW-I did take these photos with my mom's phone so some may be blurry :)
I took these photos in an old unfinished dollhouse my dad made for me and my sisters when we were really little :) It's a good house for them that I might try to finish this dollhouse :)
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Lets get on with the pictures!!!
First let's start with Tony!
Displaying 20170408_103106.jpg
(He came with a belt but I took it off :)
Displaying 20170408_103113.jpg
He so cute but angry looking :)
Now since I bought him to be Yui's brother and not to be his actual character (I don't even watch hetalia so....) I decided to change his clothes (I hope that made sense:)
A few months ago I made Yui and Tony (before he came in the mail) A One Piece hoodie from the character Trafalgar Law (He is one of my most favorite characters :) I actually have one my size too :) I love it so much...anyways, Now Tony can wear some different clothes..Here is a picture of Law from the internet (I do not own it)
Image result for trafalgar law
Compared to the one I made (I only had light yellow fabric but it works) I might make another one though..
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Displaying 20170408_104314.jpg
Here he is wearing the hoodie and some azone jeans I bought on Ebay.
Displaying 20170408_104327.jpg
Displaying 20170408_104422.jpg
He fits the tech deck skateboards so well!
So cute....Now I want Azone to make some One Piece dolls.....They would be so cute!!!!
Displaying 20170408_102315.jpg
Yui's hoodie, Tony's jeans, their adorable umbrella, some much needed doll oil mist, and the swim floatie for Noelle.
Displaying 20170408_110826.jpgDisplaying 20170408_110907.jpg
Displaying 20170408_102519.jpgDisplaying 20170408_110737.jpg
A rolling suitcase (that opens and the handle goes up too!)
Displaying 20170408_102219.jpg
(blurry pic alert!) Living room coffee table is a good table sub till the dining room table and chairs come in the mail :)
Displaying 20170408_110535.jpg
This cute little kitchen counter!!! With my slowly growing collection of re-ment minis!
Displaying 20170408_110604.jpg
Uh oh...Bethany needs to get her children some food!
Displaying 20170408_110553.jpg
Le Microwave (which opens and the knobs move:)
Displaying 20170408_110528.jpg
The current kitchen ensemble!
Displaying 20170408_102401.jpg
Lil' Noelle modeling the size for the kitchen:)
Displaying 20170408_104522.jpg
Noelle finishing her breakfast :)
Displaying 20170408_104830.jpg
Displaying 20170408_102823.jpg
Sorry for the mess by the car, These pics were taken by my bedroom where we store our older toys what we don't play with as often.
Displaying 20170408_102837.jpg
Sadly I didn't get any pics of the dolls inside the car, but yes, they do fit pretty well, larger dolls can't fit in the back though.
Displaying 20170408_102850.jpgDisplaying 20170408_102901.jpg
It looks so real inside!
Displaying 20170408_102935.jpg
Here is little Noelle. I changed her clothes because it's getting warmer, all I could find that would fit her till her clothes come in was a little Calico critters dress over her bloomers that she came with. she looks kinda cute with them though
Displaying 20170408_103131.jpg
Here is Bethany. I'm going to buy her a new body. Why? So she can have more articulation, and because the shows on this one are glued on (I think) So yeah
Displaying 20170408_103218.jpg
Displaying 20170408_103231.jpg
Now on to Koron! (ugh! another blurry pic :(
Displaying 20170408_103309.jpgDisplaying 20170408_103322.jpg
She is too too cute in  her adorable punk outfit :)

Now, I bought these Blythe clothes to test them and see if I would be able to buy Blythe clothes in general to save more money (AZONE CLOTHES ARE EXPENSIVE!)
So here is Yui testing them out, I bought a short sleeved pink hoodie with stars on them, and short overalls from this wonderful etsy seller: Be sure to check out her shop! It's awesome!
I obviously need to take better pictures :) Anywho, here she is modeling the hoodie and overalls with an azone furry wolf hat/scarf and azone sneakers. Yui is a size Pureneemo S. And though the overalls are a tad big, they look really cute on her!
Displaying 20170408_103556.jpg
I love the pastel kawaii look on the hoodie :)
Displaying 20170408_103600.jpgDisplaying 20170408_103635.jpg
She is so cute!!! <3
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Well that's all for now! I hope you liked it even if the pictures were horrible :) Thanks for reading!!!


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Thursday, March 30, 2017

My azone boy doll is here!!!!!!

As you can see in the title, my azone boy doll is here! And it took forever!!! But I guess that happens when you order a doll that has been out of stock for pre-order and stuff like that. I found him on eBay though :)

The doll I bought is none other than Romano from the Hetalia asterisk 1/6 scale series (or something like that :)
My stupid camera will not work for this desktop so tomorrow I'll ask my mom if I can use her phone to snap a few bad quality pics :D
But yeah...Also a the swimming floatie thing came in for Noelle and I bought this re-ment American breakfast cereal set which is super cute so I'll have to see if mom will let me use her phone for a bit tomorrow :)
So I'm super excited!!!! (Also Yui's shoes, Jeans, and Hoodie came in!)

Also. I recently bought a few more goodies (Because azone, miniatures, and re-ment sets are trying to take me over :)
-I Bought the Azone EX cute- sweet punk girls Koron doll......She is the cutest little thing, with all her punk glory!
-A doll sized umbrella (because what will the dolls do if it rains?)
-A dolly suitcase for traveling
-Doll table and Chairs
-Doll sofa and coffee table (Slowly but surely building up the dolly house :)
-Those Blythe clothes I told you about
-I'm currently working on a punk boy azone musician custom doll (Mostly inspired by BVB and such) I bought the head (with black hair), the doll body, eye decals (If those don't work..Then I'll have to draw or paint them on) After I finish the doll itself, I'll buy him some cute punkish goth clothing, He will be good friends with Anthony. :D
-Recently on blogs and stuff I'd see that they had this ADORABLE doll sized PlayStation console with a controller, game and memory card. Now I'm not super old you know? I'm like..mid-teen (if that's even a thing) but I'm old enough to have played or at least watched my older brothers play PlayStation as a kid, so I had to get this doll sized one...But I never could find it, So last week I was looking at some adorable azone diorama pics from the Internet, and saw it again and decided to try searching through the links and stuff, I finally found videos and pics of it online. And FINALLY found a pair on eBay...I snagged it as soon as I could, that was probably the most impulsive buy that I've had...but I don't regret it....:D But yeah...Sorry for the rant :)

I think that's all that's happening in the doll world :D Thanks for taking the time to read this! Have a good day..or night..depending on the time zone where you live :)
PS. Also sorry if there is misspelling in this post (which there probably is) I was typing really fast and I'm too lazy....

Monday, March 20, 2017


My azone boy still hasn't gotten here yet...I'm getting worried but hopefully he gets here safely.
Anyways...To hold us over till he gets here. I bought some dolly clothes. They of course aren't here yet but I'll just list what I bought;
-I bought Yui a new doll body with better articulation. (YAY)
-Three hoodies, a lavender one, a blue one, and a red one. The lavender one came in last week. It fits Yui perfectly.
-My picconeemo Santa doll. (Noelle) needed some clothes for this spring because she can't wear that heavy coat and dress in this coming heat. So I bought her the picconeemo gym outfit, sweat pants, hoodie, brown leather boots and an adorable jean jumper dress with a pink shirt and a matching headband.
-I bought Yui a pair of jeans, a wolf hat. And I wanted to see what Blythe clothes fit azones and pureneemos so I bought her a hooded pink shirt with stars on it, and blue short overalls from etsy.
-I also bought Yui some adorable navy high tops.
- A beige colored coat of some style (not sure but it's adorable) I believe it will belong to Yui and the coming azone boy :)
-And a swimming floatie (or what ever you call them :) for Noelle.

And I think that's all :)

But yeah :) I can't wait till these adorable dolly clothes come in the mail!
Okay but seriously! I need to figure out a way to get my pictures uploaded! I took an itty bitty photo-shoot of my dolls outside in their adorable car.....I really wish I could upload them somehow......

But yeah...That's what is going on in the dolly world right now.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Dolly news!

Hey all! Long long time no post! Sorry, been busy with my job and I'm still not sure how I'm supposed to upload pictures....So yeah.
I told you in my last post that I bought a boy azone doll. He won't be here though for a little bit.
But I have a few surprises!
I bought Yui a mom and a little sister!!!!!! I made her brother and her little sister little adoption certificates.
Note: these images are not mine, all credit and such go to the owner of these pictures.

This is the picco neemo lil fairy 1/12 lil Santa-san erunoe (I think that was her name?) Isn't she so so cute!!!!! She stands at like 6-7 inches tall.

I bought her from and for a pretty good price too. She was about $70. And it was so worth it.
She came in sooner than I expected, I ordered her on the last week of December and she came in like late January.
I renamed her though. Her name is: Noelle Candice (candi) Holly. I decided she'll be at least 5 1/2 years old
And then I saw this azone doll on eBay and she looked a lot like yui, so I was like; I think she'll be perfect for yui's mom, turns out this doll is from the k-on series too and is yui's music teacher or something. So I bought her and she was about $150. But I hadn't seen this doll anywhere else. So yeah...Score!
The characters name is Sawako Yamanaka.
she looks so much like Yui though, and she is so beautiful and adorable! But as always, I've renamed her to Bethany (not sure about her middle name or last name but yeah)

So recently, I've seen azone dioramas with these adorable Japanese miniatures and I looked all around the web to see if they sold any, I didn't know what they were called until I found a whole website full of them. They are Japanese re-ment miniatures, I'm sure you've heard of them, and they are usually play scale like 1:6-1:12 scale. I bought some gutetama ones from hot topic and though they may be sometimes pricey depending on what you get, they are so adorable and worth it.
So I went on Ebay again and saw that they sell re-ment furniture, so I bought a kitchen counter. Now I have to get them a fridge and other stuff.
I'm wanting to slowly collect enough furniture and accessories for my little azone family for them to have a little apartment but until I learn how to make dioramas, I'm using an old unfinished dollhouse my dad made for me and my sisters when I was younger.
Also, I was reading through this azone blog a few weeks ago and noticed that there were cars the azones were using that were so realistic and detailed looking, so of course I went on a hunt for a car for my azone family and on eBay I found one, it was a New Bright PT Chrysler cruiser and it was 1:6 scale (I can't tell you how many web searches on my computer that I have that search: 1:6 :) so I bought it and when it first came in I was surprised on how big it was, I was worried the dolls would be too small but then I put them in and it was perfect! Bonus: It's an RC car...and it still works, my sister and I drove it around our room last week :)
this is what mine looks like, (not my picture though)it's red and it fits the dolls pretty well.

Image result for 1:6 pt cruiser
But yeah, more dolly stuff in the future! Just though it'd be nice to post this while I wait (VERY PATIENTLY!) for my azone boy :)
Anywho, hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know in the comments what you think.


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Hello all! Happy New Year 2017! YAYAYAYAYYAY......Anyways.
So yeah....You heard that I have a little surprise in the last post, a new azone doll that I haven't revealed yet. So you don't know what he looks like but I did give you hints about his name and doll type so yeah. Another hint is that he is from an anime called hetalia (btw- I don't watch hetalia, I just got the doll because he was cute) Can you guess who it is?

This year I'm hoping to look more into my dolls. I'm even more into azone and all the stuff they have. I'm also now on the hunt for rement miniatures, they apparently can sometimes be perfect for azone dolls.
And don't worry, I'm still gonna do the doll orphanage. as soon as I find some good homeless dolls :) Which btw-I might be selling some of my dolls, but that's a maybe.....I just don't want to have a bunch of dolls that I may not use, like selling it to someone who might want to play with it and stuff.

Bye now!
Did you have a good new year? Any doll resolutions?