Tuesday, March 22, 2016

American Girl Lea Clark Movie trailer

Hey all! Sup? :) Hence the title; American Girl Lea Clark Movie trailer. Have you seen the trailer? I just did :) Until I see the movie I don't know exactly what I 100% think of it but with the trailer I actually kinda liked it :)
 I hated the Isabelle and Grace movie (even the trailer) I'm sorry for those of you liked or loved it but for me that wasn't really my thing, cooking and dancing and such, but I love the amazon because it's beautiful and wild and such, I love exploring places, and tribal colors and turtles :)
So I liked this trailer, I hope the movie turns out as good as the trailer did, AG has really stepped up their game :) And I like the actress who plays Lea. I have a lot in common with her, for example; I felt the same way when my two older brothers left. (But I love my sister-in-law :)
So yeah, I really liked the trailer, a bit of a new story that seems like it's a more serious story-line, kinda reminds me of the Kit movie (which I loved :)
So if you haven't seen the trailer then you probably should if you like; the amazon, Lea, and stuff like that :) If you don't know where it is (and I'm sure you do) It's on the american girl website on Lea's webpage, just scroll down and you'll find it!
So what are your opinions on the Lea movie? Comment if you'd like!

-Addy and Dollyton city