Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hey all!

Just a short post saying that in 2017, a new member will be joining my doll family!
Here are some hints:

His name will be: Anthony Ashley Ryuto. And yes I love the name Ashley for a boy, it was originally a boy's name at first...anyways, for short we'll be calling him Tony, or Ash or Asher. He will probably be Yui's younger brother.

...weird I know, still...I'm excited til the doll gets here, I just ordered it, I'm not telling you which doll it is until it gets here! Should be here late February! 
So until new years! Bye!

Who do you think it will be? 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas break

Hello! How are ya?
I know I haven't been posting at all on my blogs but I've decided to take an official Christmas break! I've been busy with my new job, and Christmas is here so I'll be extra busy. I'll be back in 2017 though. I want to buy some azone clothes for yui, so maybe those will be the new posts for next year.
And I haven't forgotten about my doll orphanage, it'll get there.
I might happen to post this year, we'll see. Until then.
CYA! And Merry Christmas!

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Oh my gosh! So...This last Tuesday (I think it was could've been Monday I can't remember :)
  I was in the kitchen with my older sister and someone knocks on the door and my older brother (who was also in the kitchen :) goes to answer it, all of a sudden my sister looks at me gaping and I'm like.."What?" In my mind I'm thinking; It can't be, I didn't think it would get here this soon! No no not raise my hopes. My sister goes to see who it is and seconds later she comes in holding a package but..a doll sized one. She hands it to me and I just like..squeal and we ran like crazy upstairs to our room. my younger sister comes in too and we all sit down on our floor just marveling at the box, so I opened her up and...Here she is! (These pics are from my sister's phone so they might be blurry and what not)

Displaying 20160517_103855.jpg
Displaying 20160517_103416.jpg

the doll packaging was awesome!

Isn't she just soooo adorable! I LOVE HER! So much!!! She is so cute and is perfect for my first azone doll. I've been wanting one since I saw them on the internet a few years ago so...yeah, I think the $119 was worth it even though it was the biggest splurge for me :)
Anyways this includes; the doll, (duh) a white short sleeved school blouse, a navy blue blazer, a blue neck/bow tie thing :), a light grey pleated skirt, black socks, black tights, a cream white vest sweater (for her summer school uniform (I forgot what it's called..silly me :), brown loafer type shoes, a cute casual short sleeved shirt (this was blue, and not pink like it shows in the product pictures but I'm totally fine with that :) 5 pairs of different hands for the doll so that she can do different hand gestures, a sweet guitar, and a little bendable colored thing to make her hair berets out of :)
So yeah not bad and totally worth it. I have some teeny tiny itty bitty problems with some things but not big enough to where it bothers me all that much like; I wish she had better articulation, her arms only go up and down but not up to the side because if you do do that then her arms fall off, this scared me at first but all you have to do is put the arm right back on.  also her feet will come off if you move them out of their articulation zone but like with the arms you just pop them right back on.
She has like 8 articulation points; the head pivots, her knees, her hips, her torso, her elbows, her shoulders, her feet, and her thighs. So it's pretty sweet.
Also I LOVED her super detailed clothing, I mean it is so so awesome! It is sewn super well and it's sturdy too!
Also her guitar has REAL guitar strings! That's amazing.
Her hair and face paint is so adorable and cute and I think it was good for me to get my first azone doll with short hair because it's easier to take care of before I get one with longer hair.
I'm keeping her real name for now, I really love it but if another name pops up then I can just change it, but the name Yui Hirasawa is perfect :)
I've already found some doll things of my own that fit her scale, like a shopping cart, a straw hat, sneakers, and such. I've found cute things her scale online and miniature and doll clothing tutorials on Pinterest, so I'm pretty excited :)
Well bottom line is; I love her so much and she is so so adorable. I can't wait to add more azones to my new sprouting azone family! Welcome Yui Hirasawa!
(BTW if you want to follow me on Pinterest then my account name is; Adelaide, and my profile pic is a turtle swimming because I adore turtles :)
Thanks for reading!

-Addy and Dollyton City

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A random doll hair experiment I did :)

Hey! sorry that this is the second post today but I wanted to show you this little experiment. My youngest sister; let's just call her..P. So P got this barbie doll that you can color her with using colored plastic/cardboard pieces, I never quite got it.
Well P ran out of that stuff to color her doll's hair with so she started using thick finger-paint paint :) whenever the paint dried, the doll's hair became hard and crunchy :) So she let me borrow her to experiment a different paint; watercolor paint! And whew! It worked! Here is what it looked like when it was done. (Sorry that the pics are blurry, they were taken on my older sister's phone, since I don't have one yet :) I did a bit of a rainbow pattern, by painting sections and foiling it off to the side like they do at salons
Displaying 20160411_204239.jpg

It worked out so well that when it had dried completely I combed it out and it felt perfect! So if you want you can watercolor paint your doll's hair temporarily if you don't want to dye it. Now here is one problem with using this method; it works so well that it can take quite a while to wash out :) I mean P's only took a couple hours by using hot water and soap. 
Well. What do you think of this little experiment? If there are any questions or anything you'd like to say in general then just comment!

-Addy and Dollyton City

Displaying 20160411_204232.jpg
Displaying 20160411_204232.jpg
Displaying 20160411_204232.jpg
Displaying 20160411_204232.jpg
Displaying 20160411_204232.jpg

I finally bought my very 1st azone doll!

So as you can tell from the title, I finally bought an azone doll! I've been wanting one for a few years now since I first saw them on the internet!
 So I looked all over ebay and amazon looking for the right first azone doll, I knew the size scale should be about the size of a barbie, so I found a 1/6 scale doll!
Her name is Yui Hirasawa, and she is from the anime/manga; K-on!
She is a guitarist, and though I've never read the manga or watched the anime, I know it takes place I guess in their Japanese school.
Since she is my first doll, I thought it would be a good idea to get a girl with short hair, and not the best articulation, if her articulation isn't as good as I hope it is, then I'll just buy a better articulated azone pureneemo body and switch her head to that one. (people who have azones do that a lot :)

I'm keeping her name for now, it's pretty cute. I'm going to be making 1/6 scale miniatures, (I LOVE miniatures!) for her, making her home, I can look for doll sized things for her, I'm so excited for her to get here! Since she is being shipped from Japan it may take a bit longer for her to get here :)
she was $119.14 when I bought her on amazon, but I checked again today to see if the price had changed and it did, it went up to around $123 or more.

Here are some photos from amazon to show what she looks like
K-ON!! Yui Hirasawa Doll 1/6 Scale 

Isn't she darling? She is so cute! I'm so so excited! I can't wait till she gets here!

What are your thoughts on this (expensive! Yet I don't regret it :) purchase? Do you like azones? Do you own any?

-Addy and Dollyton City

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I'm starting a doll orphanage!

Hey all! As you can see by the title, I am starting a doll orphanage! Basically all I'm doing is 'rescuing' different types of dolls like from Ebay and Goodwill and thrift stores and places like that. Dolls whose hair is ratted and tangled, maybe missing a lot of their clothing and accessories, broken or missing face paint, and I'll be fixing them up! And when I do I'll be putting them on my blogs page titled 'Dollyton City Orphanage' where you'll be able to browse through the dolls already up for adoption,(They will cost a little bit, not too much though so don't worry, some of the proceeds will be going to charity and donations and such :) I don't have any dolls ready yet though. But what do you think? If you have any questions just comment!

-Addy and Dollyton City.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

American Girl Lea Clark Movie trailer

Hey all! Sup? :) Hence the title; American Girl Lea Clark Movie trailer. Have you seen the trailer? I just did :) Until I see the movie I don't know exactly what I 100% think of it but with the trailer I actually kinda liked it :)
 I hated the Isabelle and Grace movie (even the trailer) I'm sorry for those of you liked or loved it but for me that wasn't really my thing, cooking and dancing and such, but I love the amazon because it's beautiful and wild and such, I love exploring places, and tribal colors and turtles :)
So I liked this trailer, I hope the movie turns out as good as the trailer did, AG has really stepped up their game :) And I like the actress who plays Lea. I have a lot in common with her, for example; I felt the same way when my two older brothers left. (But I love my sister-in-law :)
So yeah, I really liked the trailer, a bit of a new story that seems like it's a more serious story-line, kinda reminds me of the Kit movie (which I loved :)
So if you haven't seen the trailer then you probably should if you like; the amazon, Lea, and stuff like that :) If you don't know where it is (and I'm sure you do) It's on the american girl website on Lea's webpage, just scroll down and you'll find it!
So what are your opinions on the Lea movie? Comment if you'd like!

-Addy and Dollyton city

Monday, January 25, 2016

Ideas AG should use for GOTY dolls

So I've read all over the place from different blogs that American Girl should go for a more diverse type of GOTY, like something other than dancing or animals or something, I love animals though and I have no problem with it :)
When I was younger I used to create my own GOTY with my sister, it was super fun. I think I made up to three during 2011-2013
So if or when Ag says they've got no ideas then here are some:
What they could look like:
-A girl of color
-A Cuban girl (that'd be awesome because I'm half Cuban :)
-A Latino girl
-A girl with colored hair (Not like Isabelle's ombre...) like blue or pink strands or something.
-And make them look like they're american and whatever nationality they are, Lea for instance is 1/8 Brazilian..I love Lea but..If they do this with other dolls please make them more look like their nationalities please?

What their hobby is;
-Karate (or martial arts) (that'd be awesome :)
-Nerdy type of scientist who likes chemistry, robots, coding, graphic design or something (that'd be pretty cool :)
-Singer anyone? :)
-A farm girl entering her chickens or sheep in 4-H or something. (that's what one of mine did :)
-A literal fashion designer (not like Isabelle)
-A Story writer. Who ends up writing stories for kids in the hospital instead of giving the idea to a great writing industry :)
-A girl from Colorado (or goes to Alaska?) and has a tough winter but builds a cool igloo and has sleds and dogs and stuff like that. basically they make a lot of summer girls (I don't have a problem with Lanie, Kanani, or Lea) but they should make it Winter or Autumn this time.
-A musician anyone? Drummer? Guitarist? Pianist?
-I know this sounds like a horrible idea but for some girls out there, maybe a girl with a disease like diabetes or cancer? Maybe this would help some girls get through with a doll that has it too? I don't know...Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any ideas for more GOTYs?
-An architect?
-Maybe an outfit with Camo in it? Maybe?...Please? :)

What they probably should NEVER EVER make:
-A Goth
-A Gay or Lesbian
-Or anything of this kind. I'm sorry if I might be offending any you with this but we're entitled to our own opinion, so if you don't like this post then don't read it :)

Anyways! They could make a lot of cool stuff if they tried. Some of my favorite GOTYs were:
-Kanani (I have her because she looks close to identical to me :)

So yeah..That's about it :) Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!


Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Liebster award!

Yay! I've been awarded the liebster award! This award is from Thanks so much! Now lets get started!



  1. Thank the person who presented you the award and link back to their blog
  2. Post the award image on your blog. 
  3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter. 
  4. Nominate 5 blogs with less than 200 followers. 
  5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer. 
  6. List these rules in your post. Inform the people you chose of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog and link them your post.

1. What was the first doll or figure that started your collection?
When I was like 3-years-old I got a brown stuffed dog from my great aunt for Christmas, he was my favorite toy and I named him Archie :) Also when I was younger I had Kelly dolls which are like an older version of barbie Chelsea dolls, then I got Addy Walker from american girl when I was nine in 2009 so that pretty much started it all. 

2. Is there a retired doll or doll line that you'd like to bring back?
Um..I miss the old american girl before it went to beforever, I also wish Kawaii crush was still around because I really wanted to add to my tiny collection, I know you can buy them on eBay and on amazon but they aren't the cheapest things on the block :)

3. Have you ever acquired a grail doll?

4. What are you looking forward to in 2016?
Doll wise? I'm looking forward to more doll releases from Mattel :) and star darlings, this year I've gotta save enough money for stuff like that though :) I'd love and Azone doll though....

5. Do you have a favorite doll line or manufacturer?
I like Mattel for ever after high and monster high and sometimes american girl which in this case is Lea Clark, I kinda love some things from her collection :)

6. Any doll lines that you've moved on from? changes here and there like I don't play that much with Barbies or American girl dolls but once in a while I'll get a surge of ; Aw they're so cute..and I'll just decide to play with them :)

7. Do you have an idea what dolls you would like to acquire this year?
Yes! Like ever after high! maybe some monster high, and star darlings! And I'd love to save up for an Azone pureneemo doll! And..well why don't I just show you pictures? :)
  LYCEE Progression Azone 1/6 Doll Nanana's Buried Treasure "Ryugajo Nana" / azone 1/6 Doll Pure neemo  Nyaruko Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Azone Pureneemo Character Series No.61 1/6 Doll Azone Pink!Pink! a la mode 'Gray x Pink LYCEE' Pure-neemo 1/6 Doll LYCEE Progression Azone Direct Store Ver. 1/6 Doll  New-Azone-50cm-1-3-Doll-Sword-Art-Online-Yuki-Asuna-In-Stock-Japan-Yuuki Azone Charahobby 2011 C3 x Hobby Limited Pureneemo Kousaka Kirino Maid Ver. 1/6 
Those above are some Azone dolls I'm hoping to get someday :)
Scarlet Starling - Star Darlings Doll - 10 1/2''Libby Starling - Star Darlings Doll - 11'' Leona Starling - Star Darlings Doll - 10 1/2''
I really want to get Scarlet Starling, she is absolutely adorable! and Libby and Leona also :)
I'd love to get some of the newer ever after high and monster high dolls but there are too many to list :)

8. What would your dream doll accessory be? I'm talking things like furniture or a car or a set of dishes.
I don't know..I mean I craft most of my dolls accessories. I guess I could say more craft supplies and LOTS of hot glue :) But I'd love to make an ever after high sized version of GOTY 2016 Lea Clark's rainforest hut! It'd be so cute!

9. If you were to write a paper on an era of doll history, which era would you pick?
Um..the future? That'd be cool to see how dolls will look like in about 10 years :)

10. Do you do any creative activities related to your doll collection?
Yes! I craft the doll crafts from blogs like;,, and

11. How do dolls fit into your everyday life?
Um it's sort of one of my hobbies and interests :) and I hope to make and sell doll items on etsy soon.

Well I hope you liked it! Thanks for reading! and I nominate;

Here are the 11 questions

  1. Have you gotten a new doll? If so which one?
  2. Do you sew or craft ALL of your doll things?
  3. What do you think of Lea Clark? have you gotten her?
  4. If you could have only one doll which would you choose?
  5. If you could create a doll line what would it be?
  6. Do you do custom dolls? 
  7. Which doll is most like you?
  8. Will you be going to any doll conventions?
  9. Will you be going on vacation this year? If so which doll would you take?
  10. What's the worst thing you've ever done to ANY of your dolls?
  11. What's your first memory of having a doll?
And anyone who wants to do this please go ahead and do it :)
Well Bye!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lea Clark debut sarong giveaway at funwithagfan!

 Hey all! Just though I'd mention that Amaya at is doing a giveaway on her blog! 

She is giving away a Lea Clark debut sarong! (I think it's exclusive) (for the doll) So be sure to check it out on her blog! and hurry! Because the giveaway ends January 15th! That's tomorrow! So be sure to check it out! (and see what it looks like! It's really cute!)
(I made the words bigger so you could read it better :)

thanks for reading!


Giveaways at and!

Hey there! Two blogs that I know of are doing a Lea Clark doll giveaway! Be sure to enter! Here are the links to them! Hurry before it's too late!

                        Lea Clark doll

Be sure to check both blogs out for a chance to win an american girl, girl of the year 2016 Lea Clark doll! (and book) worth $115! 



Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My thoughts on GOTY 2016 Lea Clark and her collection

Hello! How was Christmas? How was New Year's? So there is a new GOTY, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on her collection. So let's get started! Note: I do not plan on buying anything, if I did I'd buy it indirectly, and not from American Girl itself, Why you ask? Well because I'm kinda boycotting it in a way because of some their changes they've made. So..Yeah...

Anyways! I still like to talk about it and stuff, I just don't really buy any of it (unless it's not bought directly from AG), I use it for inspiration for other things I do.
Now on to Lea Clark. Now she is pretty cute, She reminds me of a mix of Jess and Kanani, she looks like Rebecca and Mckenna mixed together. She is beautiful, I feel like after Grace and Isabelle AG is kinda stepping up a bit. This one is more entertaining, more colorful. And I love the tribal prints, the amazon, and that type of thing.

Lea is kinda growing on me..I think I like her dress (I love it :) The shoes are..interesting, but not my style. I love her bag, and her compass is okay but..I don't really care about it. I might read her book to see if it's a good read (recently AG books have just been kinda bleh, like Saige, and Marie-Grace and Cecile.)

Her accessories are cute, but not too useful, yeah there are doll-sized pics of animals, a headband, and camera (which is turquoise? Hmm..) I know AG is geared for like 8-13 year-old girls, but maybe they should also thing about the older teens out there that still love AG, I'm 15-years-old and I loved the AG I knew and loved from early 2000-2012, after that it just spiraled off somewhere giving us less quality items for such an expensive price..

Her hiking outfit is cute, but looks like a lot of hiking/camping outfits they've had before, her outfit in general reminds me of Kanani's shave ice shack outfit, anyone remember that? :) What I like about it is; Her binoculars, her walking stick and her backpack...

I'm sorry..but those PJ's do not appeal to me..they look like a 3 year-old went to the beach in the late 80's or something (that's my honest opinion, it's okay if you love all this, that is fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that is why I have this blog. to share my opinion :)

This outfit is okay, I liker her shirt and her shoes and the shorts, but they aren't the best thing together, They are cute though

I like this beach outfit, you could mix it up for your style and I like the color scheme  with the tribal prints, the headband is really cute too!

The animals are cute and all (my fav is the turtle :) but I just 'inherited' a turtle kind of like this one from my older brothers and it was $4 cheaper (my brothers got it from the rain-forest cafe like ten years ago :) See, I love stuffed animals and I collect them and they are cheaper than the AG ones, and sometimes cuter! I don't know what to think of the sloth though..the margay cat is cute, but I really love the turtle <3 :)
No Image No Image No Image

Oh..I kinda want this :) the messenger bag for girls is adorable! I'd love to get it somehow :)
Lea Clark's Messenger Bag for Girls

This Rain-forest hut is probably one of my favs in this collection, it's huge, detailed and comes with a lot of stuff. But...It comes to a total of about $400 just for the hut and accessories, so yeah..definitely not gonna be able to buy that, but I will make one for my ever after high and monster high dolls! wouldn't that be so cute?! A EAH and MH sized one for your dolls? I'm so making that :)
Lea's Rainforest House
Lea Clark's dress for girls..I want it :) it's adorable, I can't even..Ugh! AG you knew I liked tribal prints and that I want to go to the amazon someday, and right when I'm beginning to kinda boycott you. You make a GOTY that has tribal prints and the amazon together! :) XD
No Image

Hmm..This to me is just another Kanani shave ice shack. I looked at more detailed photos from the AG website and it's so much like Kanani's. I like the color though.
No Image

Her beach accessories are cute, and useful, but it's not worth $34, and the turtle does not look real at all.
No Image
Her kayak set in really cute, purple and green are colors that I really like together! at least it's not like $150 and is $85 instead, but didn't Kanani already have something similar to this?
No Image

So all in all, I like her collection, it's a lot like Kanani's but I like it, I like it a lot more than Isabelle's and Grace's collection (I watched the Grace movie last night with my sister's and I didn't like it at all :)
So yeah, I guess in this post I sound like I'm being picky :)
So here are the things that I'd like to get if I could.

Lea Clark's dress for girls $48 (that is a lot of money for one dress :)
No Image
the sea turtle $18
No Image
and Lea Clark's messenger bag for girls $38 (that is a lot of money also :)
Lea Clark's Messenger Bag for Girls
Problem is; all that together is about $104, almost enough for the doll itself, I mean C'mon AG bring your prices down a bit, I'd have to get 'em when this year is almost over during the sales.
AG I don't know if you know this already but there are some die hard, hard core AG fans that are young girls who's parents (or relatives) don't have enough money to buy them this stuff, my youngest sister is beginning to like AG now and my grandma wanted to buy her a doll last year but it's way too expensive! Please AG bring down the prices to match the quality of your products please! People will buy more and more if you do, and they'll be buying so much that you won't even need to raise the prices.
Anyhow, I'm done ranting to AG :) Thanks for reading and I'll try to post more soon!

What do you think about Lea? Will you be buying anything in her collection if you could? Do you already have her? just comment and tell me about it! I'd love to hear other's opinion on  her!

          -Addy and Dollyton city :)