Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Hello all! Happy New Year 2017! YAYAYAYAYYAY......Anyways.
So yeah....You heard that I have a little surprise in the last post, a new azone doll that I haven't revealed yet. So you don't know what he looks like but I did give you hints about his name and doll type so yeah. Another hint is that he is from an anime called hetalia (btw- I don't watch hetalia, I just got the doll because he was cute) Can you guess who it is?

This year I'm hoping to look more into my dolls. I'm even more into azone and all the stuff they have. I'm also now on the hunt for rement miniatures, they apparently can sometimes be perfect for azone dolls.
And don't worry, I'm still gonna do the doll orphanage. as soon as I find some good homeless dolls :) Which btw-I might be selling some of my dolls, but that's a maybe.....I just don't want to have a bunch of dolls that I may not use, like selling it to someone who might want to play with it and stuff.

Bye now!
Did you have a good new year? Any doll resolutions?